We Dance Together

Community project

We Dance Together is a community-focused project of ICK-Artist Space / ICK Dans Amsterdam. One evening a week, you get to work with a choreographer/theatre maker.

ICK's Space for Dance Art opens its doors to the community and both avid movers and enthusiasts get the opportunity to work with dance and movement under the guidance of a choreographer/theatre-maker connected to ICK Dans Amsterdam.

From 4 December 2023, a new edition of We Dance Together #4 will start under the guidance of Rosanna ter Steege. Classes will take place from 4 December to 12 February 2024, every Monday evening between 19:30 and 21:00 at Space For Dance Art in Amsterdam.

We Dance Together #4 offers an introduction to Rosanna ter Steege’s (choreographer, dancer) methods and practices. The class series will end with a small presentation or open class for friends, family, and interested parties.?This time the focus of the class series will be on 'The Waking Body' and its translation into movement. Rosanna will work with participants to explore this theme through various movement exercises and techniques.

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