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Will you dance with us?

Have a dance!

From 8 May to 3 July, you can take part in a weekly series of dance-physical and interactive workshops at ICK Dans Amsterdam. Romy Stark and Adanma Okoro, together ROAD Collective, will guide 8 sessions. For anyone who wants to dance, move and be creative. Are you amateur or (semi)professional and do you get excited about dancing together? Will you travel with us?

ROAD Collective stands for connection. Contrasting thoughts and feelings and trying to find similarities. Recognising and acknowledging each other. Talking together and exchanging experiences. Learning from each other, being open to each other, being curious about the unknown of the other. During 8 lessons/sessions, we move together and meet each other. You will be introduced to the working methods and methods of ROAD Collectief and the lesson series will end with a small presentation.?We Dance Together is suitable for all enthusiasts aged 15 and up (no age limit!).

Dates: Monday 8 May to Monday 3 July (no class on 29 May)  
Time: 19:30 - 21:00   
Location: ICK's Space for Dance Art,
                  Rijnlandlaan 3,
                  1062 MX Amsterdam 
Costs: 50 euros 

Registration closed

photo © Sjoerd Derine