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WE DANCE TOGETHER #2 by Ummi Yanuba

The Explore Practice

A new series of We Dance Together kicks off on May 6th at Space for Dance Art!

Under the guidance of various influential choreographers, you’ll get to know their movement practices over eight weeks! This dance workshop, consisting of eight lessons, is for dance enthusiasts, young and old, with or without dance experience. 

We Dance Together 2024 #2 will be led by contemporary dance artist Ummi Yanuba with her own The Explore Practice
The Explore Practice creates a safe space with in-depth movement to create new perspectives and connections inside and out. Together with Ummi you will explore new entrances into movement and connect to the space around and inside us in different ways.

Are you amateur or (semi-)professional and get excited about dancing together? Join us and come dance at Space for Dance Art. 

We Dance Together is suitable for all dance enthusiasts aged 15 and up (no upper limit!).

Dates: Monday 6th of May until Monday 8 of July (with exception of May 20th en July 1st)
Time: 19:30 - 21:00   
Location: ICK Dans Amsterdam / Space for Dance Art,
                  Rijnlandlaan 3,
                  1062 MX Amsterdam 
Costs: €50,00*
Language: English 

Please fill out the <registration form> to finalize your application and participation!
Questions? Email

About Ummi Yanuba: 
Ummi has been dancing her whole life. When she was 16 she started dancing more intensively and in 2023 she gratuite from Expanded Contemporary Dance program at the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK). She is no stranger at ICK Dans Amsterdam since she has been one of our interns (ICK Next - Junior company) in her past and was part of Funk the latest creation of Christian Guerematchi (an ICK Dans Amsterdam supported artist). Apart from dancing she does research around Embodied Wisdom and is in training to be come certified TRE (Tension and Trauma Releasing Excersies). With her knowledge of dance and her new found research she has created The Explore Practice. She always puts playfulness, joy, connection and curiosity first. 
*If you are not able to pay €50,00, please email



photo © Alwin Poiana