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New Adventures 2021-2

Mami Kang
Fernanda Libman
Reza Mirabi
Marko Ivic

Dance sketches by new artists

On Friday 19 and Saturday 20 November, Mami Kang and the trio Fernanda Libman, Marko Ivic en Reza Mirabi will share the result of their New Adventures residency in the freshly renovated theatre-studio De VLUGT. The evening will be concluded in dialogue with both artists.

Mami intends to devote herself to the composition of an anonymous figure who has a tendency of "morphing." With the creation of fragmented and fantastical narratives, sound effects, and movements, she wants to break the linear thought and bring an altered vibrancy. Mami wants to imagine dance as something that transcends human exceptionalism. This also refers to the hybridity between the natural and the synthetic and an expansive notion of time scale. During her residency, Mami will collaborate with a sound artist and a visual artist.

Fernanda, Marko and Reza want to learn from each other's practices and to work and research together process oriented and through a non-hierarchical methodology. In their collective residency they want to explore the many relationships between movement and sound. They look at the differences between the two phenomena, cases where movement becomes inseparable from sound, or where sound becomes indistinguishable from movement. mɝː.mɚ (phonetics of murmur) is the title of the work and refers to the central approach of the project. They work with the concept of murmur (a low, indistinct but often continuous sound) as an analogy for sound and murmuration (the collective flocking of birds) and as an analogy for movement. By bringing their individual approaches to movement in relation to sound into the same space, they aim to create a murmur together.