New Adventures

Residency for new ideas

New makers, new ideas, new adventures. Based on an open call, every year a few makers are selected for a residency. For a month these makers use the ICK studio as a laboratory for dance and ICK supports them with a production budget and artistic, technical and productional support. The result is shared with an audience through two open performances, followed by an after-talk.


The New Adventures residency program of ICK-Artist Space offers selected choreographers the opportunity to explore, develop and deepen an idea during a four-week residency, resulting in a public work-in-progress-presentation.

The New Adventures residency program 2023 is now open for application! 
Please fill in the online form before January 8 (23:59), 2023.   
The form can be filled in in Dutch or English.
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During the New Adventures residency program, ICK-Artist Space becomes a laboratory for innovation in dance and movement. The residency creates the possibility to research a new and urgent idea or to take previous research to a next level. The period ends with two public work-in-progress presentations, in which the makers open up their process and share the outcome with the audience.    

Out of the applications, six research projects will be selected. They are invited for a compact four-week residency period. To encourage artistic exchange between artists during the residency, two residencies will run parallel to each other. Artists are encouraged to reflect on each other’s work, go into dialogue with each other, exchange ideas and experiences. 

The resident will receive artistic advice and guidance as well as support in production, publicity and promotion, and technical facilities. We offer professional coaching and expertise in the development of the concept both before and during the creative process. We offer studio space and 2 public presentations at De Vlugt in Amsterdam Nieuw-West as part of a double bill. With these performances we aim to facilitate encounters with other professionals, programmers and audiences and enable dialogue in an informal, open way. The resident will have the chance to build a portfolio of the work with professional photography and video-registration. The residency will be wrapped up with a reflective evaluation, both verbal and written. 


The resident will receive a budget to cover basic out of pocket costs. Take into account that the budget is modest and needs to be shared when applying with more than one artist. We cannot cover (international) travel costs or housing/accommodation during the residency. Priority is given to artists based in the Netherlands. 

The first residency period will take place from 1 May – 3 June 2023 (with a one-week interval between 15 and 21 May); the other residency periods happen after the summer – specific dates will be communicated in spring 2023.  



  • Needs time, space and reflection to develop a new, urgent research idea
  • Works physically and departs his/her research from the language of the body   
  • Has a curiosity for other practices and is eager to engage and exchange with the knowledge and expertise offered by ICK
  • Is working as a professional artist (either post-graduate or self-taught)  
  • Is currently at the beginning of their professional career, and has produced some choreographic work 
  • Is linked to or based in Amsterdam  
  • Is willing to open up the work process and present to audience and peers with a presentation of max. 30 minutes.  

We are not looking for a specific dance style – the final shape is open. We encourage artists with an interest in other cultures, genres, societal issues, urban matters and innovation (for example the use of new technologies but also new methodologies or other) to apply. The form can be very personal. The maker can work either purely in movement research, or at the borders of the discipline or interdisciplinary, as long as the focus of the work departs from the language of the (moving) body. 

Earlier selected artists were a.o. Roshanak Morrowatian, Denden Karadeniz, Robin Nimanong, Lucinda Wessels, Lois Alexander, Courtney May Robertson, Charles Pas, Tamir Eting, Gerben Vaillant, TREVOGA collective, Mami Kang, and Fernanda Libman, Reza Mirabi & Marko Ivic.   



From 2021, ICK-Artist Space is the talent development pillar and dance production house of ICK Dans Amsterdam. With the merging of Dansmakers Amsterdam into ICK-Artist Space from 2021 onwards, it offers a broad scope of knowledge, facilities and possibility for exchange enhanced by the ongoing programs and research from the 3 pillars of ICK: Company, Artist Space and Academy.  


ICK-Artist Space supports the development of new and innovative choreographic talent. We focus on coaching, supporting, (co)producing and presenting the new generation of choreographers who want to explore and shift the borders of the discipline. They do this from their own perspective of the body as a vessel to communicate, in all its diversity, strength and vulnerability. Artist Space brings together talented makers who are open to society, aware of social developments and who aim to connect to their audiences. Makers who are interested to exchange with other artists and programs offered by ICK can get the opportunity to develop themselves further as critical, autonomous dance-artists with their own artistic signature. ICK-Artist Space counts on a wide network and a strong connection to other relevant organizations, both in Amsterdam, nationwide and international.    


The procedure  

Please complete the online form before January 8 (23:59), 2023 containing  

  • Short CV, biography & portrait photo  
  • Working title of the project/performance 
  • Idea/plan   
  • Motivation and urgency (Where does the plan come from, how does this fit into the context of your development and why is doing this important now? What do you want to achieve?Why a residency at ICK and in what way does your research fit into the context of ICK?  
  • Two images of previous work or relevant imagery of the research project  
  • One relevant videolink of previous work (No WeTransfer)
  • Website/URL’s where more information can be found 


Applicants will hear before February 7, 2023 whether they are invited to elaborate on their ideas during a conversation, which will take place during the week of 13 February. After the talks, a final selection will be made, which will be communicated by 20 February. 


The jury  

The selection will take place by a jury existing of members of the artistic team of ICK Dans Amsterdam, complemented by dance professionals and artists from the field.

Interested? Apply here: Application Closed

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Current selection

The selected makers for 2022 are:

  • Denden Karadeniz
  • Roshanak Morrowatian
  • Lucinda Wessels
  • Robin Nimanong
  • Gerben Vaillant
  • TREVOGA: Neda Ruzheva & Antonina Pushkareva & Erikas Zilaitis

Open Call 2023

ICK Artist Space has just launched the Open Call for New Adventures 2023! Do you have a new, innovative idea that you would like to develop further under the wings of ICK Artist Space?

In a four week trajectory you will have the opportunity to do research and enrich your experience and will be financially and artistically supported by ICK. The trajectory is finished off with a work-in-progress presentation, where you can show the outcome to an audience. ICK will select applications that work very physically and departs their research from the language of the body.

Interested? Apply here: Application Closed

© Alwin Poiana
© Alwin Poiana