New Adventures

Residency for new ideas

New makers, new ideas, new adventures. New Adventures is a programme by ICK-Artist Space in collaboration with ICK-Academy for new dance makers who want to deepen their creative practice. Every year, a number of makers are selected who can work on their artistic development for four weeks in complete freedom and safety. They receive artistic, production and financial support. During the residencies, the makers get to know each other better by sharing their vision and working methods. This results in a fruitful artistic cross-pollination between the makers. At the end of the residency, the results are shown in a double bill and the audience gets the chance to enter into dialogue with the makers.

The makers selected for the New Adventures residencies in 2023 are:

More about New Adventures
By emphasising in-depth research and interaction with peers and audiences, New Adventures is the place for young dance makers to develop their fresh but innovative ideas and share them with new audiences. At the same time, the residencies offer the possibility of a follow-up trajectory, further development or advancement within the various production houses and theatres. For example, Roshanak Morrowatian, from New Adventures 2022, has joined ICK-Artist Space as an artist in residence from January 2023 and ICK is co-producing several future performances by Morrowatian. Charles Pas, a New Adventures 2021 maker, was able to develop his new solo Victory Boogie Woogie at Likeminds and ICK-Artist Space and joined ICK-Artist Space as artist in residence in 2023. TREVOGA, following their New Adventures residency in 2022, will be supported in 2023 with artistic coaching, development and performance opportunities. Mami Kang continued her New Adventures research with a co-production between Veem House for Performance, Greenhouse and ICK-Artist Space. Fernanda Libman received a follow-up opportunity at Boslab 2022 after New Adventures.

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Makers New Adventures

The selected makers for 2023 are:
  • Ainhoa Hernández Escudero
  • Kaide Gonzalez
  • Liza Sulaiman
  • Wojciech Grudzinski
  • Collectief MAMM (Maxime Abbenhues & Mees Meeuwsen)
  • Loraine Dambermont
The selected makers for 2022 were:
  • Denden Karadeniz
  • Roshanak Morrowatian
  • Lucinda Wessels
  • Robin Nimanong
  • Gerben Vaillant
  • TREVOGA: Neda Ruzheva & Antonina Pushkareva & Erikas

The selected makers for 2021 were
  • Tamir Eting
  • Charles Pas
  • Mami Kang
  • Fernanda Libman, Reza Mirabi, Marko Ivic

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Fernanda Libman, Reza Mirabi, Marko Ivic / photo © Alwin Poiana
Ainhoa Hernández Escudero / photo © Alwin Poiana
Kaide Gonzalez / photo © Alwin Poiana
Robin Nimanong / photo © Alwin Poiana