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Mami Kang

supported artist 2022 / New Adventures 2021

Mami Kang is a Korean-Japanese choreographer based in Amsterdam. She graduated from SNDO in 2019 and received AFK's 3Package Deal in 2020, and the danceWEB scholarship in 2021. In her choreographic works, Mami addresses the experimentation of dance concerning its materiality, sensorial technology, and affects through poetic sensitivity. She often employs quasi-fictional figures to conjure both destabilized and transformative experiences and explore the concept of otherness.

ICK selected Mami for the 2021 New Adventures programme. During her residency, Mami intends to devote herself to the composition of an anonymous figure who has a tendency of "morphing." With the creation of fragmented and fantastical narratives, sound effects, and movements, she wants to break the linear thought and bring an altered vibrancy. Mami wants to imagine dance as something that transcends human exceptionalism. This also refers to the hybridity between the natural and the synthetic and an expansive notion of time scale. During her residency, Mami will collaborate with a sound artist and a visual artist. The result of her residency can be seen on 19 & 12 November in New Adventures: Mami Kang & Fernanda Libman - Marko Ivic - Reza Mirabi.

In 2022, Mami developed the performance Body Drift, a coproduction of VEEM House for Performance and ICK Dans Amsterdam.

Photo: Renate Beense