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Great Expectations


Emio Greco | Pieter C Scholten

Five stages. Five dancers. Five cultural institutions. The re-opening of Museumplein!


Great Expectations is performed by five dancers, each personifying a different cultural institution situated on Museumplein Amsterdam; Het Stedelijk Museum dances a wild tango, Het Concertgebouw takes on a rock version of Vivaldi, the Rijksmuseum gives Bach a new look and the Van Gogh Museum leaves the audience in wonderment with sounds by Charles-Marie Widor. And then there's the American Consulate as an unknown but connecting factor guiding the public in these celebrations of the fact that Museumplein is once again fully open to the arts and the visiting public after years of renovations.

The distinctions between the cultural institutions show up clearly in the movements of the dancers who, at the same time, bring to life the bonus value of the group.

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