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Emio Greco | Pieter C Scholten

Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten created their first collaborative work in 1995; the solo Bianco, which became the first part of the trilogy Fra Cervello e Movimento (Between brain and movement). In these early solos, Greco expressed a curious, searching body and gave the impression of being surprised by what happens to his own movements, at how his muscles tense and relax. Their thoughts were summarised in a manifesto with 7 dance principles, The Seven Necessities (1996), and its influence on the body and the viewer. In 1996 they founded the dance company Emio Greco | PC. In 2009 Greco and Scholten merged all their activities into the International Choreographic Arts Centre (ICK Dans Amsterdam).

For their internationally successful dance productions, Emio Greco | Pieter C. Scholten twice received the Zwaan Most Impressive Dance Production: for La Divina Commedia: HELL (2006) and ROCCO (2011). In 2021 they received a third, Gouden Zwaan, from the hands of Minister van Engelshoven, in appreciation of their great contribution to Dutch dance. 

After the internationally successful dance productions Greco and Scholten made between 1996 and 2001, they expanded their boundaries with their dance company to opera, music and film. For the Edinburgh International Festival, they directed two operas, Orfeo ed Euridice and The Assassin Tree. In collaboration with Toneelgroep Amsterdam, they created the performance Teorema. Several interdisciplinary projects led to the production of a triptych inspired by Dante's La Divina Commedia: HELL (2006), [purgatorio] (2008), you PARA|DISO (2010). More recent work is Le Corps du Ballet (in 2011 for Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo and in 2013 for the Dutch National Ballet) and ROCCO (2011).

With the location project Addio alla Fine during the Holland Festival 2012, the series 'Het Lichaam in Opstand' (The Body in Revolt) was launched, a project that was continued with L'Etranger/One Man without a Cause (2013/14) andDe Soprano's (2014, in collaboration with Opera Zuid). The series was completed with Extremalism in the Holland Festival 2015 and Kindertotenlieder (2017).

Parallel to The Body in Revolt, a second motif developed: Le Corps du Ballet (The Body of Ballet): here another body emerges from the confrontation of Greco's and Scholten's intuitive movement vocabulary with the precision and virtuosity of classical ballet. This project has been created and redesigned for Les Ballets de Monte Carlo (2011), the Dutch National Ballet (2013) and Ballet National de Marseille (2015). More constructive confrontations with ballet followed in works created for the ensemble of Ballet National de Marseille: Momentum (2016) and Les Cygnes et les autres (The Swans and the Others) (2018).

In 2018-2019 they presented their diptych Appearance-Disappearance which led them to supplement the essay The Body in Revolt (2.0) with what they called Rücksichtslos Idealisme, ruthless idealism. Blasphemy Rhapsody (2021) and the performances We Want It All (2021) and Shameless (2020) mark the start of a new period in which Greco and Scholten uncompromisingly surrender to the 'mobility of life' as the overarching motif.

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February 1, 2025

Corrosia Theater, Expo & Film - Almere-Haven (Nl) - 08:00pm

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February 8, 2025

De Kring - Roosendaal (Nl) - 08:15pm

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February 14, 2025

Chassé Theater - Breda (Nl) - 08:30pm

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