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No Strings Attached

Collectief MAMM - Maxime Abbenhues & Mees Meeuwsen

Connected to the wall by a bungee cord, two dancers run as fast as they can, relentless and determined to reach their goal. Theysabotage each other, challenge each other, give up and start again. Until one of the dancers, too tired to continue, discovers the impasse and slowly realizes not to work against it anymore, but to run with it. To use it to their own advantage and make themselves stronger. They discover the hidden possibilities that lie within it and a playfulgame begins. 
The bungee cords attached to the dancers are a metaphor for howwe experience life. We can all identify with the feeling that life canwork against you. That feeling of an invisible force pulling you back, preventing you from reaching your goal. You push, run, crawl as hard as you can, but you never seem to make it. It is as if this higherforce, this universe, does not want you to reach your goal. What ifthis invisible force suddenly became visible? 


Photo © Alwin Poiana

next Performance

September 27, 2024

CC Amstel - Amsterdam (Nl)

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