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Hissy Fit


Christian Guerematchi

Driven by the raw energy of rap music, three black bodies experience their 'hissy fit'; an emotional outburst of despair and frustration. Hidden behind masks, the powerful trio will go into a daze that gives them a frightening power. They are trapped in their own bodies and are frantically looking for a way out. Emotions are exploding and imposed stigmas seem to be confirmed.

In Hissy Fit, Christian Guerematchi, Mark 'Brui5er' Sheats, and Michael Wanga perform a powerful trio that deals with the violent stigma attached to black identity - from the history books to modern media. How does this stigma affect fragile boys searching for 'masculinity' and acceptance? 

Hissy Fit connects the virile dance styles breaking and krump, the popular music movement drillrap, virtual reality, and afro-pessimism. With live video projections and sound design, the performers bring their turbulent inner world close to the audience.


Hissy Fit ties into the search for new relations of the black human in western society. Christian wants to express and explore the concept of 'Black Identity' through the language of the body. He takes an interdisciplinary approach by delving into different dance styles, which he analyses, deconstructs and gives meaning to in his individual way. In the after-talk with Richard Kofi, Christian talks about by whom he has been influenced and inspired. With his narrative and movement, Christian wants to enter into a dialogue with his audience.

“I can recall the tv-images of the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles in 1992. As a young boy, I was stunned by what I saw. At the same time, I felt connected to this emotional outburst. Even now, this echo between bodies resounds through time.


photo © Daniël Nicoletti

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