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Ainhoa Hernández Escudero

(DON’T) LOOK ME IN THE EYES is a dance performance inspired by the story of the Greek myth of Medusa and the Gorgon sisters, work in homage and reworking of this mythological tale. It is a piece for three human performers, two robots, and an avatar, that tackles the relationships between bodies and technology and the concept of the monstrous feminine, aiming to reflect on the representations of women and queer characters in the foundational narratives of Western culture. It attempts to displace the issues that the myth triggers into a sci-fi dystopian future, tracing a line that connects past and future to understand and confront some of the problems from the present we inhabit. Medusa’s story has sparked discussions on the concept of the monstruous feminine, the power dynamics between the audience and performers in the theater space, as well as the Western fascination with authenticity and originality in relation to fixed identities and the notion of truth 

Photo © Hermien Buyse