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DS/DM for professionals

for professionals and dance students

DOUBLE SKIN/DOUBLE MIND for professionals and dance students

“DS/DM is a way of preparing the body for dance that is inherent to your thinking and your imagination. It needs a connection with your own choices, also during the improvisation with other elements and materials. The experience creates a condition and an opening, it is not something fixed by rules that say: this is how you should dance. It is rather the opposite, you use it, and then you contrast it in an open field of intervention and manipulation.” - Emio Greco

DS/DM is a dance method developed by Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten to discover the sensitivity of the body and to make it available for the creative process of dance through four basic principles: Breathing, Jumping, Expanding and Reducing. The awareness of the possibilities of movement that the body can generate is necessary when creating new choreographic material, but also beyond that, in everyday life.

DS/DM challenges the participants to apply intentional and physical choices in response to indications given through words, to specific qualities of movement, to sounds, to music and to the presence of other bodies. DS/DM focuses on how movement can be defined through a synergetic environment where each individual body is known to be authentic and can become receptive to a new experience and understanding of the body. DS/DM generates a quality and texture of movement where intention and form coincide, helping the body to become receptive to a new physical and mental experience.

If you have never tried the DS/DM method, we recommend to first join our <Open Class>.

Because of the changing schedules of the company classes (due tourscedule), we publish the DS/DM for professionals one or two weeks in advance. Keep track of the schedule through our <Agenda>or this page.

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Also please be on time, late entry is not possible.

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photo © Bas de Brouwer