September 26 to December 19 2019

Double Skin / Double Mind open classes

ICK - Amsterdam - the Netherlands


From 12 September to the end of December, ICK Amsterdam will once again open its doors in the Talentenhuis in Nieuw-West for the free dance workshops Double Skin/Double Mind (DS/DM). Every two weeks, on Thursday evenings from 19.30-21.00h, you can participate in this dance method in which the sensitivity of the body is discovered by means of four basic principles: Breathing, Jumping, Expanding and Reducing. Each part is accompanied by several exercises that flow into each other organically, often stimulated by sound and music.

DS / DM is more than a workshop, it is a philosophy of movement: opening up the body is not without opening up the mind. This explains the term Double Skin/Double Mind. The dance method was developed by choreographers Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten and forms the basis of every performance of ICK Amsterdam. It has been taught worldwide for many years and plays an essential role in the education to dancers, students, amateur dancers, schools and businesses.

These workshops are suitable for every age and every fitness level. The workshop can be followed with comfortable clothing and on socks or bare feet. This workshop can be attended once or several times (with changing teachers).

September (12, 26)
Oktober (10, 24)
November (7, 21)
December (5, 19)

ICK Studio, Het Talentenhuis
Meer en Vaart 290
1068 LE, Amsterdam

Deelname is gratis / participation is free.

Let op: de workshops worden aangeboden in het Engels.
All classes are in English.