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WE, the EYES


Emio Greco | Pieter C Scholten

Who are we? How do we live after collapsing certainties?

In WE, the EYES, the survivors after a devastating fire are searching for true life, for connection with their instincts, intuition and with each other. The group makes its way from total darkness to the light, to new forms of existence, life and identity. Somewhere there seems to be fire. How can they play lustily with the fire again without burning up? How do they balance between fatalism and hope, between end times and future, between burning down and building up, between breath and breathlessness?

A dominating screen in the shape of a sphere oracles seven times with frenzied images between reality and fiction. Is it a deluded medium or seer, an educator or demagogue, a liar or philosopher? Ten performers burn loose, beat the drum, shout it out, throw mud, stoke the fire, dance the souls out of their bodies. In short, the playground as a force field for learning to look, to see and not to see. A sanctuary to deplore, accept to tilt glances and change perspectives.

In WE, the EYES depicts a micro-society that emerges out of nowhere at a given moment and brings bodies together in the here and now. How can we be fellow human beings now? What forms of empathy are possible? What will we discover together when we are "WE". What will our identity then consist of? To the music and sound of rock, bodysound, electronic, experimental and classical music, the performers break through to a new world, fuelled by vocals, beats and rhythms of percussion. The bodies are mass and individual, guilt and innocence.

WE, the EYES aims to question perspectives in a society in crisis and claims change. After WE, the BREATH, it is the second performance in the WE Cycle. ICK is convinced that we are going to experience profound changes in the time to come. But we are currently blind to its deeper dimension. That inhibits us. The WE projects give a stage to the journey, which we are taking together as humanity.


foto © Zani Casadio