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The Woman Destroyed


Courtney May Robertson

The danger of unbridled power

The Woman Destroyed is an interdisciplinary research project that uses dance, theatre, new media technologies, sound, light and visual projections to explore themes around 'the danger of unbridled power'. The performance consists of a series of 'assignments' that use natural language processing, data visualisation software, sound programming and coding in different ways. New media technologies are used in the development of material as well as live on stage, allowing different aspects of the performance to be determined in real time. As a result, the structure and content of the performances will not be entirely the same. The project is an attempt to stage unforeseen events and construct a performance that changes endlessly over time, thus enhancing the transience experience of living art.

In THE WOMAN DESTROYED, choreographer Courtney May Robertson looks at the complexities of submission and resistance. Audiences are invited to experience the unfolding of the performance simultaneously with Courtney, as she responds to the demands of a non-emotional entity in real time. In this climate of uncertainty and true vigilance, questions surrounding bodily autonomy and control systems come to the surface. Courtney (Scotland, 1992) is a performer and maker based in Rotterdam. Upon graduating in 2013, she joined Club Guy & Roni’s Poetic Disasters Club and has since worked with Jan Martens and Connor Schumacher, amongst others. Alongside working as a performer, she has created her own small-scale / DIY produced work since 2015. THE WOMAN DESTROYED is a significant step in her trajectory as a maker. As a trained dancer Courtney’s work starts with the body, but spans various disciplines including video, generative art and writing. The concept plan of this performance was awarded De Troffel in 2020 – Festival Cement’s incentive prize for young makers – and was nominated for the Roel Verniers Prijs of Het Theater Festival Belgium.

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March 29, 2022

Theater Bellevue - Amsterdam (Nl)

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