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Aleksandra Lemm

With Blue Aleksandra Lemm takes the audience into the experience of 'emptiness', a concept that fascinates her immensely. It's something that can escapes from meaning and representation. It can only be felt. By a simple gesture, letting go of the familiar, a personal history, an identity, fantasies and dreams, emptiness can be experienced.

Blue arises from emptiness.
Everything arises in Blue.
Yet there are no stories in itself. Nothing to tell.
Blue has no aim, no purpose, nothing to prove or to show.
Everything is changing, shifting inside the Blue, yet it remains unchanged.

Blue is the sky, infinity, a higher state, an awareness.
Blue are your eyes, your blouse and my favorite color, for now.
Blue is the deep sea, a dance, a feeling.
It is what is here already, what you wish to see.

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