my time is now

In 'My Time is Now' youngsters from various neighborhoods in Amsterdam are looking for their place in the city. youngsters who, separated by invisible walls, usually don't meet each other.

Accompanied by choreographer and coach Jesus de Vega and a team of Urban dance teachers, they will find a shared vision about Amsterdam. The main question is: Why is Amsterdam my city? At the end of the process, the youngsters present their outcome in a performance on Sunday June 9, 2019 in Theater de Meervaart.

Collaboration between ICK and Stichting Helden
For 'My Time is Now', ICK and Stichting Heroes work together to investigate the connection between Urban dance styles and contemporary dance. How can these dance styles reinforce each other? This research is led by ICK and will result in a working method to deepen and strengthen the Urban dance style in the coming years.

The youngsters
Youngsters from Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, Amsterdam Zuid, Amsterdam Centrum and Amsterdam West will participate in 'My Time is Now'. The goal is to bring these youngsters together by dancing both urban and contemporary.


my time is now

June 9, 2019

De Meervaart - Amsterdam (Nl) - 04:00pm

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