The body must be clear and the words must be right.

Capturing Intention is an interdisciplinary research project from 2007 on documentation, analysis and notation based on the work of Emio Greco | PC.

The research questions were How do you notate dance and what is the essence of the choreographic work of Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten?

Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten have been researching ways of documenting and analysing their own work since 2004 with the ultimate goal of developing a source of information with their past, present and future work. A living archive based on principles of movement and choreography that are constantly evolving. The development of this archive follows different lines: in 2005 Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten were artists in residence at the Amsterdam School of the Arts where they dealt with subjects such as reproduction and authenticity, new notation systems and dance idioms. The collaboration with international researchers elevated the research project to a higher level. The research team uses documentary film, existing dance notation systems, interactive media design, movement analysis and insights from cognitive science. In October 2007, the first results were published in the form of the book Capturing Intention, an interactive DVD-ROM, a documentary and the interactive installation Double Skin/Double Mind . The project was continued in the research project Inside Movement Knowledge.


Capturing Intention is a collaboration between Emio Greco | PC and AHK Lectorate Amsterdam, coordinated by Bertha Bermúdez. 

Double Skin/Double Mind documentary

Directed by: Maite Bermúdez

Concept: Maite Bermúdez, Emio Greco, Pieter C. Scholten

Assembly animations: Viviana García-Besné

Cintematography: Javier Allegue

Sound editing: Michal Zasovksi

Costumes Emio Greco | PC: Clifford Portier

Dancers Emio Greco | PC: Nicola Monaco, Sawami Fukuoka, Barbara Meneses, Suzan Tunca, Bertha Bermúdez, Emio Greco

Music design: Pieter C. Scholten

Film material Emio Greco | PC: Erik Ribbon

Interactive DVD-ROM:

Chris Ziegler

Frédéric Bevilacqua

Marion Bastien

Eliane Mirzabekiantz

Maite Bermúdez

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