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GlitterGods / Stigma

Jesús de Vega

The term stigma (a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person) is the departing point for this dance duet choreographed by Jesús de Vega. Inspired by interviews of bullied gay and lesbian teenagers growing up in Russia, with its anti-gay propaganda laws and the growing discrimination within the own gay community, GlitterGods / Stigma focuses on the notion of a transformative body, intersecting religion, discrimination, ballroom culture and homoerotic imagery to center on the friction between the ideas of freedom versus oppression.

De Vega’s personal interest in the theme comes from the differences between his closeted upbringing in the conservative and religious society of the 1980s on the Canary Islands (Spain) -where he experienced bullying first hand- and the liberal attitude and openness towards homosexuality of the Netherlands, where he lives now.

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September 24 (premiere)

De Meervaart - Amsterdam (Nl) - 08:30pm

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