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Nicola Galli

Nicola Galli (1990, Ferrara) is involved in body research, varying in actions ranging from choreography to performance, from installation to graphic-visual ideation. He debuted as a competitive gymnast and approached the languages of physical theatre and dance at the Teatro Nucleo in Ferrara. He has studied contemporary dance, renaissance, hip hop, and muscular rebalancing Metodo Monari.
Since 2010 he has been developing a choreographic investigation structured in episodes that analyze the concept of pure form and the notions of "stratification" and "landscape"; starting from geometry and astronomy his gaze is fascinated by human anatomy, proportion and detail, key elements that make up a transversal scenic horizon.
In his work, the body becomes the radiating centre of an artistic discourse that is substantiated in a scenic sensibility devoted to the exploration of movement as a hybrid panorama of knowledge.



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