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Jeroen Janssen

Jeroen studies at Codarts University of Arts in Rotterdam. During his time at Codarts, Jeroen began to see the options there were in pursuing a dance career. He never deliberately chose to become a professional dancer: “ I’ve always kept a rather open approach towards the opportunities that crossed my path. For me, it has always been about a journey. To have the journey as my destination, to always evolve and discover. To not be afraid of what your surroundings expect you to do but to experiment with the possibilities that lie within the realms of performative art.” After a performance Jeroen feels like his body and mind are still trembling from being on stage. This makes him feel uplifted.

"What struck me most by thinking of “back to the future” was time traveling. Time traveling is escapism. To escape to someplace that is not present day. Whether it is going back in time to put meaning into why things are as they are today or to travel to the future to find out where we are heading to. To escape in order to put your present reality in perspective towards the other-worldly. I think that this kind is vital for personal and social change."