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Space for Dance Art

On the artsy New-West Boulevard, next to Lely, is the building Westbeat, which houses ICK Dans Amsterdam. The space for Dance Art consists of several multifunctional, bright rooms that we offer for rent when the company is not using them. The Space for Dance Art gives you a New York feeling with the hustle and bustle of all the people racing by in trams and cars. This activity is in sync with the energy flow within the space, which inspires the maker and encourages creation. Yet all our studios have an intimate atmosphere, and the power of the show in our auditorium lies in the fact that you really have contact with your audience or guests. That intimacy inspires confidence and creates a bond with the audience. ICK wants to play a social role and therefore rents to all interested parties in consultation. The location is ideal, on the S106, Amsterdam ring road.

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