Where others limit themselves in their core business to producing and performing performances, we are an institute, platform and company at the same time. ICK distinguishes itself from its colleagues in the Dutch dance world by integrating performance production with talent development, education and research on an international level. ICK works closely with its permanent home base de Meervaart in Amsterdam.

Characteristic for ICK is the theme of the 'social body', in particular the tired body of the hurried man, expressed in our vision of 'artistic sustainability': building in time, depth and space along long lines. Performances and activities are not isolated incidents but follow on from the vision and from each other. One creation process provokes the next; results lead to new creations. In the coming years we will work from the theme 'Body in Revolt'.

The social value of ICK is that our dance productions, coaching of young artists and artistic/scientific research are leading in the development of (contemporary) dance in the Netherlands. We want to perpetuate and expand this pioneering role by building up a valuable network of professionals in science and business, innovative entrepreneurs at the interface of science and commerce, managers and administrators who want to make a difference and dare to stick their necks out for it. Together with our partner the Meervaart, the aim is to become one of the leading art institutes in the world.

We have meaning for dance professionals at home and abroad: dancers, choreographers, teachers and students. There is also an important impact on other artists, in theatre, music, visual arts and new media. We frequently meet our audiences abroad (EU countries, Turkey, Israel, USA, Canada and Asia), but we still perform the most performances for the Dutch audience. They are art lovers from the established order (Holland Festival) to the student generation (Lowlands) to the mixed population groups in Amsterdam Nieuw-West (De Meervaart).

In the coming years, ICK will bring its work to the attention of new stakeholders, including business partners and entrepreneurs, as well as professionals in education and science.

ICK offers good sponsorship opportunities for

  • (young) innovative entrepreneurs
  • institute/companies with a research objective or activities in science
  • (silent) wealthy individuals with cultural interests
  • existing partners and suppliers of ICK

Our packages vary from € 10,000 - € 25,000 on an annual basis. The ICK team is happy to link your objectives to (inter)national tours, artistic partnerships with theatres and companies in the Netherlands and abroad, talent development of innovative excellent creators, workshops and debates or other activities.

We would like to invite you to one of our performances at home or abroad to explore your interests further. You can make an appointment with Harmen Spreen. He can be reached via e-mail or by telephone on 020 616 72 40.