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White Noise

Christian Guerematchi

White Noise, Christian Guerematchi & Guillermo Blinker (OTION)
Self-love or self-hatred, our identity is a vulnerable given. Especially if we live in a climate of segregation and polarization. The duet 'White Noise' is a crossover between dance and spoken word, in which both the 'black' body and the 'black' voice are central. Christian Guerematchi and Guillermo Blinker (OTION) enter into a dialogue and investigate how dominant norms and values of a culture influence an individual's own sound.


Christian Guerematchi
Christian Guerematchi grew up in Slovenia, where he completed his ballet training and became a member of the National Ballet. In 2006 he came to the Netherlands where he worked with choreographers such as Stephen Shropshire, Emio Greco | Pieter C. Scholten and Nicole Beutler. He combines his dance career with making his own work.

concept, choreography and dance: Christian Guerematchi
dance, spoken word: Guillermo Blinker (OTION)
design and costumes: Jonathan Cook Wai Ho
dramaturgy: Moos van den Broek
made possible by: AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts Foundation)


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