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What's cooking @ ICK

Elisa Zuppini
Karel Tuytschaever
Christian Guerematchi

New work on Sunday afternoon

Sunday afternoon, de Meervaart is home to the dance makers supported by ICK in the Artist Space.

What's cooking @ ICK is hosted by Melih Gençboyaci.

You can buy a ticket for the whole afternoon for the price of one single show.

14.00 White Noise, Christian Guerematchi & Guillermo Blinker (OTION)
14.45 Dance Connects 
15.30 MARS, Nicola Galli 
16.15 Himalaya, Elisa Zuppini 
17.15 The Sea is Where You Think It Is, CHRONOS

Throughout the afternoon you can watch the film by Karel Tuijtschaever.