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60 In Real Time


Amos Ben-Tal

60 In Real Time is an intimate evening of dance, live music and conversation where we reflect on the concept of time. The performance is a natural follow-up to 60, a choreography that explored the human idea of time and that was abruptly cancelled due to the restrictions around Covid-19. 



Now returning to the theaters with new ideas and sensations of what time is, choreographer Amos Ben-Tal and the impressive dancers of OFFprojects dissect parts of the original choreography and rebuild them right in front of our eyes. Sources of inspiration will be shared with the public and Amos will play some of the original soundtrack live.

Every show a different guest from the scientific community will join to give their own perspective on the subject of time. The audience is invited to be moved, to be curious and to share in the reflection about the role of time-perception in our lives. 

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