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Benedita Crispiniano

Benedita is from Portugal. She speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and English. Benedita studies a bachelor’s degree in dancing/making at the ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem. Benedita has always been fascinated with monkeys. Her childhood nickname was "macaca" – monkey, because of her hyperactivity and “physical silliness”. Before a performance Benedita likes to create a moment of "nothingness" with herself. She meditates starting by picturing the choreography in her head and then letting her thoughts about it go and take off, undressing all other thoughts and seeking "nothing".

"When I think about the body in revolt a lot of separate thoughts/expressions come to my head. I think about will. Exploration. Extremes. Something not noisy but loud. Physical investigation. Curiosity. Pronouncement. I think about surrendering."