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Moreno Perna

Moreno Perna (1989, IT) is a performer and choreographer, graduated in Modern Theater Dance at the Amsterdam School of the Arts. He started as a performer for Troubleyn / Jan Fabre in 2014 and works as a nightclub performer under the name Vortex X. In collaboration with Dansmakers Amsterdam he created two performances in 2017: 'LDRC', about the strange world of the Internet and 'XYX', a performance on gender identity and androgyny. His work is multimedia and aesthetics can be described as 'Post Modern Pop Baroque'. In his work he provokes, hypnotizes and seduces the audience.

Moreno Perna has been selected by Dansmakers Amsterdam and ICK for the New Adventures residency program. For four weeks he gets studio, theater, artistic and business guidance to explore and deepen a new idea. The residency period ends with a presentation to the public. Perna uses this period to work on his new creation 'AURA'.

In Puglia, the land of his grandmother, magic is still alive. Moreno goes back to a spiritual perception of the universe, beyond the rational. He shares his personal story with sensitivity, and explores the world through his body. In Aura the body is seen as a vehicle of the aura, and the movement as the language of the mind. He researches his own insight of the aura, and stimulates the curiosity of the audience about his own aura.

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