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Elisa Zuppini

Elisa Zuppini (IT / NL) is a choreographer and dance maker based in Amsterdam. She graduated from SNDO- School for new dance development in June 2018 in Amsterdam. 

Through her movement practice she creates pieces for different site-specific spaces, such as those of the club, academic contexts, the museum, but also for more conventional places like the theater. Through her research she constantly questions the placement of the human body and its potentiality to change and be changed. In this way, reflecting on how we can think of the body as a part of larger, decentralized and broader systems rather than an autonomous and isolated one, it’s also questioned the idea of objectification, as a process of decentralization and shift of the perception of oneself.

In the past year, her practice has become ground for artistic exchanges with various visual artists, writers and dancers, also through teaching workshops. 

In July 2016 Elisa was awarded as Young Talent in choreography by Open FLR, Florence (IT). In 2018 she received a scholarship for Danceweb lifelong burning, Vienna (AT). Since February 2019 Elisa she is one of the supported artists by Amsterdam based Dance Company ICK and she is currently involved in the curation of performance and dance events and in the creation of the new piece Himalaya, that will be presented on the 27th of October 2019 in Meervaart Theater, Amsterdam. 

Photo: Nellie de Boer

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