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New Adventures 2023 #3


Collectief MAMM - Maxime Abbenhues & Mees Meeuwsen
Loraine Dambermont

New makers, new ideas, new adventures. New Adventures is a programme by ICK Dans Amsterdam for new dance makers who want to deepen their creative practice. Every year, a number of makers are selected who can work on their artistic development for four weeks in complete freedom and safety. They receive artistic, production and financial support. During the residencies, the makers get to know each other better by sharing their vision and working methods. This results in a fruitful artistic cross-pollination between the makers. At the end of the residency, the results are shown in a double bill and the audience gets the chance to enter into dialogue with the makers.


Loraine Dambermont presents Mes années bagarre #2  
Inspired by online public clashes happening between either gangs, families, rappers and politicians, Mes années bagarre #2 attempts to create a self-awareness around these issues of violence and anger. Loraine Dambermont develops physical work, combining voice and sound taken from violent video-selfies on the internet with a sharp-as a knife movement language. In this work she addresses the real enemy: the trendy way of delivering our rage and threats through online media, with the intention to provoke and impose our domination onto others.

Choreography and composition: Loraine Dambermont
Performers: Maxime Cozic & Loraine Dambermont
Loraine has worked with ICK Next (Junior Company) as part of her research for Mes années bagarre #2
Production: BLOOM Project


Collectief MAMM presents No strings attached 
Maxime and Mees asked themselves: How can we influence and change gravity? In No Strings Attached, Collectief MAMM embarks on an exploration using bungee cords, constantly navigating themselves against a pulling force. But can adversity be turned into an advantage? An exploration of resistance, resilience, tension, and balance. 

Makers and dancers: Maxime Abbenhues & Mees Meeuwsen 
Dramaturgy: Isabel Meloen
Music: Tom van Wee
Coaching: Camiel Corneille 

Artistic coördinator and advice: Suzy Blok
Dramaturgical advice / artistic assistance: Sophie Cohlen
Production leader: Gina Broeders

New Adventures 2023 #3 is supported by Gemeente Amsterdam, Fonds Podiumkunsten and the Cultuurfonds.


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