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Michele Rizzo

Higher is a dance performance inspired by and based on the experience of clubbing and club dance. A dance form understood as a human form of expression and taking on the cultural role of a social dance characterised by different techniques, styles and influences.

"As far as the human being who has embraced a political, sexual, religious and family identity is concerned, we are going through a period of great identity crises," says philosopher Julia Kristeva. "We need to find a language that transcends the human in order to overcome such crises and awaken a new Renaissance. This language can be dance". Michele Rizzo interprets this cathartic power of dance as a form of prayer and celebration of existence: "I find in the club a place for such transcendent activity, which corresponds entirely to the often-used association of clubs with churches, however obscured by the more common understanding of clubbing as mere recreation. In this performance, as we attempt to transfer the magical essence of the club into the theatrical/representational context of the black box, and relying on dance as a practice that compensates for the fact that we can never be the other, we attempt to become One".


Photo © Alwin Poiana