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Cyborg DNA


Robin Nimanong

Cyborg DNA is a futuristic queer performance installation fusing digital art, synthesizer music and contemporary dance. A hypersensitive and hypnotic experience about the complex relationship between the body and technology. A search for a language and the struggle against the illusion that there is one social code that contains all meanings. From evolution to transhumanism, the performers recreate human dimensions, within an infinite sense of time.

Cyborg DNA is a collaboration between dance artist and creative producer Robin Nimanong with digital artist Luxnautilus. The performance is inspired by Donna Haraway's Cyborg Manifesto: about how language evolves with time and a future language that embraces the complexity of the body and technology. The performance installation was nominated for the DNA NEXT! Incentive Award 2022.

Robin Nimanong is supported bij ICK Dans Amsterdam.

photo © Alwin Poiana