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Bodyscan 223


Robin Nimanong

A Misfit Cyberpunk Act.
Bodyscan 223 is a media dance event, scanning our conflicted ideas about technology, accessibility and queer identity. The dancers present their queer bodies as testimonies against errored structures of society.

The audience scans their own experience through the non-conforming-performers. Together they will enter a futuristic cyberpunk experience. Artificial Intelligence and big data are increasing inequality and threatening democracy. What if algorithms will control your lifepath? Will credits control our emotions?

Next Best Fringe Award
After the conclusion of Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2020, Nimanong won the 'Next Best Fringe Award': a residency trajectory at ICK Dans Amsterdam. As a result, he was offered coaching and studio space to further develop the artistic experiment they started at Fringe. He was also guaranteed a place on the programme of Amsterdam Fringe Festival in September 2021, where he will present the renewed version of his performance to the public: Bodyscan 223.

During Fringe 2020 he presented the 'LGBTQ+ dance film' APHRODISIAC II in a sold out LAB111. Under the guidance of ICK Dans Amsterdam, he wants to further develop himself as a young dancer and increase his understanding of the cultural-educational layer of his work, with the aim of strengthening the representation of the queer community in performance. Bodyscan 223 can be seen during the next Amsterdam Fringe Festival on 10, 11 and 12 September 2021.

Poster: Jeisson Drenth