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Keren Rosenberg

Keren Rosenberg (Israel, 1978) is a performer, choreographer and movement researcher from Amsterdam. With her artistic voice, she expresses a physical and social political view on the body and the environment in which it functions. She creates experiences between nightclub and stage, between rock concert and exhibition space. Keren has performed her work at home and abroad and was artist in residence at Dansmakers Amsterdam, supported by the Nieuwe Makersregeling, Fonds Podiumkunsten. This trajectory continues within ICK Artist Space

Using her self-developed method Body-House as a dance language, Keren is working towards her performance Going Primal. This is a performance where physicality, skin and vibrating live music come together to take a physical, social and political look at the body in its environment. The performance culminates in an interactive rave with performers and the audience.

The performative novel Going Primal consists of six chapters:
Margela – The Acknowledgment
Re-Surface – An introduction to the Going Primal Universe
Chapter 1. Not On This Earth – The Void of Longing
Chapter 2. Punk Your Spirit
Chapter 3. Re-connect
Chapter 4. Going Primal – Awakening
The last chapter, Going Primal, brings together all the chapters and will premiere soon.

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