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preview of the new season 2023-2024

When there's so much more that you could see if you just stick around
And all the street light secrets whispering for you to come back out
Oh no, there's so much more that you need to work out
Oh no, you don't want that PARADE to leave you now
When the music's over
But the dance stays in your head

Curious about what ICK Dans Amsterdam has to offer this season?

During the ICK-Parade you get to see the highlights of the new ICK-season in one adventurous one-hour programme. A festive parade with excerpts from the new creations and repertoire of Emio Greco and Pieter C Scholten interspersed with work by new makers supported by ICK. Pieces from We, the Eyes, We the Breath, the award-winning boxing dance performance ROCCO and new work by emerging or yet more well known choreographers such as Christian Guerematchi and Roshanak Morrowatian will be presented.
The ICK dance ensemble and ICK-next, the junior company, will make an appearance .

All this presented by The Rainbow Personality WIAM who will talk with the makers in between. A mini festival,, but the ICK way! Don’tmiss this! . Yeah!

photo © Alex Avgud