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(don't) look me in the eyes

Ainhoa Hernández Escudero

Ainhoa Hernández Escudero (1989) is a Spanish dance & theater maker based in Amsterdam. She graduated from the DAS Theatre Master program in 2022 and received the AFK 3 Package Deal Grant 2022/2023. In her work she explores how dominant discourses can be countered on the intersection of pop, post-internet aesthetics and technology. She’s currently working on a trilogy focusing on science fiction, dreams, magic, and queerness and their potential to produce alternative realities.  

Concept and choreography: Ainhoa Hernández Escudero
Sound: Fernanda Libman
Performance: Neda Ruzheva, Antonina Pushkareva, Ainhoa Hernández Escudero
Movement Research: Ummi Renteria Wouters, Fleur De Schepper
Dramaturgical support: Carolina Bianchi
Advisor:  Marta Keil 
Program: New Adventures 2023 #1 ( June 2 & 3, 2023 )

Ainhoa Hernández Escudero is supported by ICK Dans Amsterdam

photo © Alwin Poiana