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Day 2 - The Artists Are Present #1

Body and sound, delirium and transcendence, wonder

Andreas Hannes - skipping practice
workshop: skipping practice
Trevoga - Минус 
"You can cure them, but I cannot be cured. I don't want to be cured. I fear nothing besides the death of wisdom. I want the death of mind." - The Diaries of Vaslav Nijinsky 
A macabre new age rave ritual inspired by Vaslav Nijinsky's mourning of human connection, obsession with God, and iconic piece The Rite of Spring. Минус spirals around questions of tradition and modernity, delirium and transcendence, spectacle and gathering, self and otherness while scavenging ways to soothe the mind through the body and its senses. 
Paula Montecinos - (UN)BOUND
"The cyclical principle holds that the pasha (space-time) and kuti (turn) manifests itself in the form of a spiral, a periodic succession of cycles governed by astronomical, meteorological, agricultural and vital rhythms." – Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui. Un mundo Ch’xi es posible 
(UN)BOUND, is a sonic performance that investigates the crosses between oral poetry, movement and electronic sound, focusing on the materiality and rhythmicality of words, to create a critical fabulation and interpellation to the neo-colonial extractivist systems that continue to threaten life and living of all sentient beings and entities on Planet Earth. Featuring an embedded and intimate technology, body and electronics meet creating opacities, noises, claims and refusals to the modern-capitalistic regulatory order of the senses. An oral poetry performance that occurs for the eyes as for the ears, exploring how the sonic materiality of words are embodied as a resurgent and subversive forces, addressing matters on reconnection, place and belonging. The performance sets a research on the Andean cosmovision of the pashakuti, (Pasha = time-space; kuti = turn, revolution) which proposes two divergent and complementary meanings: that of catastrophe and that of renewal. This consideration of spacetime implies likewise, that the world can be reversible, so the past can also be the future, proposing a spiral understanding of historicity, in which modern coloniality and neoliberal systems could be dismantled by the arising of new emancipatory movements. With this constellation, we aim to complexify the dominant cosmology of modern binary divisions and systems of classification, disrupt the vertical sight in our relationship to natural and artificial environments and establish dialogues between a multiplicity of worlds and cosmologies that exist by themselves and not by opposing to a contrary. Acknowledging the active reciprocal influence between poetical and political modes of fabulation, we want to investigate the regenerative potential of word(l)ing words of worlds that have been displaced and dismantled. moved by sound? somatically and spatially? singularly and collectively? spiritually and politically?