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© Laurent Ziegler
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Documentation Model

Is it possible to create a generative model for the documentation of dance?
Which kind of questions are essential to talk about a creative process?

The Documentation Model is one of the results of the interdisciplinary research project IMK. Developed by Gaby Wijers, Annet Dekker and Vivian van Saaze, the Documentation Model is the design of a multimedia application for the documentation of hitherto intangible artistic processes.

Since its finalization in 2001, ICK has integrated the model in the documentation of different performances, aiming to create throughout the years a rich archive on the artistic intend of divers artists. The methodology around the use of the document as well as the variations and modifications the model may undergo along its use, are the main focus of this research project. 

In 2012 and 2013 Suzan Tunca, dancer and Merel Heering dramaturge were the documentators for the performances Lithium of Andrea Božic and Addio alla Fine by Emio Greco | Pieter C. Scholten. Dramaturg and artistic collaborator Jesse Vanhoek documented De Soprano's from Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten. AAH ! If Only Father Christmas were a Go Go Dancer or a Communist by Robyn Orlin was documented by Charlotte Lemstra.

Recent developments
For the documentation of the new creation by Jakop Ahlbom Swan Lake, the Documentation Model is being used in combination with the live annotation system Piecemaker2*, developed by Motionbank (http://motionbank.org/). From June 2016 onwards, the further development of the Documentation Model is being discussed in the context of the interdisciplinary and international research network UNFOLD- Mediation by Re-interpretation, initiated by LIMA  – focusing on the documentation of PARA |DISO Revisited 2017.

* Piecemaker2 is a mutli-user application developed by Motion Bank  which assists in notating and scoring dance, theatrical pieces and almost anything time based. It is a yet unreleased prototype in development.

Click here to view the current documentation model.