DS/DM teacher training

Will you become a certified DS/DM teacher?

Since 2017, we have been training our former dancers to become certified DS/DM teachers. From 2021, dancers from outside the company will also be able to obtain their DS/DM certificate. We would like to invite you to follow the DS/DM Basic learning programme at ICK. You will learn to transfer the workshop structure of the DS/DM method via the basic principles of Breathing, Jumping, Expanding, Reducing. The DS/DM Basic certificate allows you to teach amateurs, children and youngsters in regular education, in pre-professional education, in cultural programmes and in private studios. Teaching at dance academies (BA + MA level), higher education (Universities) and dance professionals or dance companies is not possible with this certificate.

After your DS/DM Basic certificate, you can expand your knowledge to DS/DM Basic+. You will then go deeper into the creative aspects of DS/DM via the Pre-choreographic elements and the Sensorium Toolkit.

The DS/DM teacher training for dancers from outside the ICK Company consists of four working sessions:

25-28 February: the principles of Breathing, Jumping, Expanding, Reducing

22-25 April: deepening the principles, sharing your DS/DM teaching practice, feedback ??

3-6 June: continuation of the practice, philosophical backgrounds, introduction to the Pre- choreographic elements

12-18 July: deepening and evaluation 

During the working sessions, you will be taught by founder Emio Greco and former and current dancers of ICK. In order to obtain the certificate, you must participate in all sessions. In between the working sessions, we ask you to continue with your own lessons, so that you immediately gain experience in processing and transferring the information. During the last working session, we will evaluate your learning process and determine if you obtain the certificate.

Do you have experience in the dance field, and would you like to participate in the DS/DM teacher training 2021? Send an email to kelly@ickamsterdam.nl. You will then receive an application form. Within the application, we will ask you for videos of performances and improvisations. 

Costs: € 1250 (incl. all working sessions, study materials and certificate)

Do you doubt whether you meet the practical requirements? Please contact us. It is possible to follow the DS/DM online classes until the start of the DS/DM teacher training.

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