Professional Development

Amsterdam is moving. The presence of several high quality educational facilities, festivals and theatres ensures that a lot of talent is moving through the city. In collaboration with other partners from the Amsterdam dance field, ICK wants to create possibilities for (young) choreographers to work and to develop themselves in Amsterdam. It is how the city gets its oxygen.

ICK is in contact with various artists with budding bodies of work. They're all choreographers who  seek out the limits of movement and the body and challenge them. Close to the skin. ICK sets up a dialogue with these artists and supports them logistically and commercially. There is no ready-made format. Together with each artist, we assess what he or she needs at any particular point in time. 

In order to support choreographers in their professional development, ICK selects young and more experienced choreographers who can already show a well-articulated early oeuvre. Choreographers who give a central place to the body and search for an individual movement language with which they are able to dissect cultural definitions about the body in their own unique way, with clarity and intensity. Choreographers, too, who, aware of the fact that the body carries different layers of meaning within itself, explore, challenge and show dance and movement from various perspectives.

Two formats exist in the professional talent development programme: the visiting artist, who is involved with ICK for a short period of time, and the residency programme for the choreographers who interweave their professional work with ICK for a longer period. The latter choreographers are guided more intensively and the aim is to support them up to a point where they can pursue their own paths, fortified in their own strengths as choreographers and as independent entrepreneurs. ICK sets up an individual, artistic and logistical trajectory with the choreographers that matches their current needs. ICK opens its network to them and introduces partners for presentations and residencies, initiates and streamlines subsidy applications, facilitates studio space and occasionally organises the touring of the performances that were developed in collaboration with ICK.

In addition to the above, the line of professional development at ICK also aims at long-term pathways that benefit international choreographers and dancers and perpetuate the existing network. In recent years, ICK invested in two European schemes: SPAZIO, a biennial residency programme for young choreographers and IDOCDE, the network for documentation and the dance practice for teachers. A third and new European scheme for education and participation that is set up together with Ballet National de Marseille is under development. It will be launched in 2017.